December 7, 2018  - SEO

Does video help my SEO performance for a specific page ? 

Greg B

From an SEO standpoint, will a video help my SEO performance for a specific page, assuming that video is watched and the visitors end up staying on my page for longer periods of time?  in other words, does a visitor remaining on the page for longer duration help SEO?

Antoine Milkoff 

Yes @Greg B the average session duration has an impact on your SEO. You can find more informations here : https://www.quora.com/How-important-is-the-average-session-duration-on-the-page-to-SEO 🙂

Lindsay McGuire

Definitely use videos when possible. Because video is growing and becoming the consumer favorite medium, Google has continued to put more weight on the use of videos in content.

Greg B

@Lindsay McGuire and @Antoine Milkoff - GrowthList I'm testing out https://lumen5.com actually taking content we have on page and using this service to make a video of it.  It would be hard to create real video content around our services, however, if you have any alternate ideas that would work well in this space (parking and shuttle service to/from airport) i'm all ears.

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