Draws attention on your profile by liking tweets 💖


A good way to gain visibility on Twitter is to like tweets related to your business. Of course, the more tweets you like the more reach you will have. Here is a script to automatically like hundreds of tweets with a specific hashtag


Which steps to follow?  ⚙️

👉 Find a # related to your business and search for tweets using it by using the search bar

👉 Scroll down the page to display as many tweets as you can

👉 Open the Chrome console (Command + Option + J on Mac or Ctrl + Shift + J on Windows)

👉 Copy / Paste the script below:


var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName ('HeartAnimation');

for (i = 0; i <inputs.length; ++ i)


  inputs [i] .click ();



This script will allow you to like all the tweets displayed on the screen. You can then search for another hashtag and start again.


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