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My target group is blockchain developers. They attach great importance to privacy and transparancy. How can I adapt my tracking strategy to collect data on their behavior without upsetting them ?


I have a very particular and sensitive target group. They are blockchain developers, meaning they are very well aware of any type of tracking, demand transparency from us as a company and feel VERY strongly about their integrity. Since they are very well aware of the tech, they understand all tracking attempts. I keep hitting these blockages where I have to choose between the risk of distrust/anger from them but also needing to track certain things in order to get results. Anyone have experience with a similar target group? Right now we’d like to add sharing buttons on our blog but have to balance the CTA of a share button towards them being angry we are allowing social media to track them on our site.

Antoine Milkoff - GrowthList

Hello @Kim! I have kind of the same issue. My company is working with big companies (S&P 500 like) and they all have super restrictive firewalls.

Since your target group is aware of your tracking attempt, you should perhaps go full transparency and explain that you need this data to improve your service and that you will not misuse them ?


Interesting. Would you recommend making a blog post of the topic? Or how else could I share that info? Cus I think they will not tell us, they will just leave the site. We had some interviews where they said just that.


@Kim if your target group is from europe by any chance you have to be quite transparent anyway (GDPR). Many pages already have a cookie notice (opt-in) and some kind of 2-click versions of sharing buttons as well as embeded content.


They are mainly from US, but yes, GDPR-compliant for sure, but this is a lot more sensetive than that. They often prefer Duck duck go over Google etc. But as I understand the button problem it is the connection to their FB-account, so even if they don’t share via it, they still get tracked on our site by FB for example.


You could think about a solution like this: https://wordpress.org/plugins/2-click-socialmedia-buttons/ (its a wordpress plugin)

So you have everything right on your page but peopel have to click to activate the connection (for example to facebook) and be able to share it. Same goes for YouTube Videos and so on. Had to deal with that too. Stupid GDPR 


We often get compliments from our community when they go sniffing for trackers on our website and they don't find any.

If your community is engaged I would ask them to voice their preferences and let them know what your are working on and why. Being honest and vulnerable upfront will create a stronger bond with those developers in the long run. Do not burn that bridge.


Thanks @Jens, we dont have WP but found something similar that might work.


@Jack Thats awesome! Yes completly agree you shouldn’t burn that trust.

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