January 3, 2019  -  Analytics

How to add a timer for retargeting cookies on Google Tag Manager ?


Hey, how can I hide retargeting cookies for "x" secondes via Google Tag Manager ? (this hack https://www.thegrowthlist.co/improve-your-retargeting )

Jens Polomski

Haven´t used the timer for stuff like this (but great idea 😀 ) but give this a try: https://www.analyticsmania.com/post/timer-trigger-google-tag-manager/

Since theres a remarketing feature inside of tag manager anyway you can just use the timed trigger and *should* be good to go


Thats the way! thanks a lot, also i found a scroll trigger based on the % of the page you scrolled, could work as a 2º option too 🤘

Jens Polomski

If you track visitores, include the scroll tracking anyway (its possible inside of the tag manager now without any fancy code snippet - look out for new tutorials on this)

If you create content or sell anything - you want to know how "deep" the users are scrolling and if your CTAs are seen

But you could also test both against each other to see if the conversion rate is better for people who are "long on your page" or "scroll deep" OR even combine both 😀

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