Give access to your content for the price of tweet 💰

Pay with a Tweet is a "social payment system" that allow people to pay with the value of their social network. The principle is very simple : if a user wants to access your content or product, he have to tweet or post on Facebook about it. 

How to Create a Pay With a Tweet Button ?  ⚙️

👉 Go to the Pay with a Tweet website.

To create your own free Pay with a Tweet button, go to Click "Create Your Free Campaign."

👉 Fill in your personal information.



👉 Choose which social networks people can "pay" with.

You’ll be asked to pick different social networks that you would like to allow on your button. We opted for choosing Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn so that people could pick which social network they would want to “pay” with (instead of just forcing them to use Twitter). 

👉 Craft the tweet's text.

You then can craft the Tweet’s text, which will also be used as the text shared on Facebook and LinkedIn if you choose these options for your button.

Under the Tweet text box, there is “Website URL” where you give the link you’d like to share. This would be a link back to the landing page that will have the Pay with a Tweet button. This link can only be 29 characters long, so you may need to shorten the link.

👉 Add your landing page information.

Next, you'll need to insert the name of your content or product along with a URL for downloading it once it's shared. You can either link directly to the download file, or you could direct them to a thank-you page that has a download button. We opted for the thank-you page option because we had other content on our thank-you pages that we wanted to make sure they saw (e.g., trials or demos of our software). 

There are also options to put the number of “sales” you want to cap your button at. For instance, you could only allow 100 people to use Pay with a Tweet to download your content or product instead of allowing it to stay unlimited. Or you could include a “valid until” date to prevent people from downloading it after a certain day.

When you're done, click "Create Your Button."

👉 Grab the link or HTML code for your button.

Once you get to the “Embed in your Website” step, you can either grab the direct link or take the HTML code that is given for pre-made Pay with a Tweet buttons.











If you're okay with using Pay with a Tweet’s preformatted buttons, you can copy the HTML code and paste the button’s code into your landing page’s HTML ... and you're ready to rock. 

If you want to design your own button, grab the direct link. Then, create your own button in Photoshop or PowerPoint using the size and colors you would like (here's a free template you can use as well). Save that image, insert the image on your landing page, and link it to the direct URL from the Pay with a Tweet website. And voila! Any time someone clicks your custom button, they will be prompted to pay with a Tweet in order to download the content or product.


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