November 30, 2018  -  Social Media

How do you get more followers on Twitter without increasing the amount of people you follow ?


I've got a question! How do you get more followers on Twitter *without* increasing the amount of people you follow? Thinking from my companies perspective, we want to be choosy about who we follow, "cool" projects don't follow many.

Is it content? Mentions from other influencers? hiring armies?  Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Lindsay McGuire

Just a few ideas: Use relevant and timely hash tags, create stellar/useful content, interact with Tweets that involve your target audience, retweet from accounts that have a similar audience

Antoine Milkoff - GrowthList

Here are some (basic but powerful) tips :
- Tweet more : unlike Facebook or Instagram, you should always be tweeting. The more you tweet, the more engagement you get !
- Post More Visual Content : tweets containing visual content receive more likes, shares and retweets than those without them.
- Tag, reply and retweet : If you want engagement, engage with your audience. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks guys !

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