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What's a good signup rate for a landing page ?

George Avgenakis

Hello 👋 I would like to know from your experience, what is a good percentage of signup conversions in a landing page.For example if 5% of visitors sign up is it a good percentage for a saas product? I am trying to do some measurements and calculations from my product www.loopcv.pro ! Thanks for your help!

Lindsay McGuire

I know your product is still in Beta, but adding a short snippet of the product working for someone might be a nice addition. ("I had been searing for months, and with Loopcv I got a job offer in no time" or something like that) It might also increase conversions to add some kind of countdown, or "Hurry! Slots filling fast" or other time-sensitive language to increase the sense of need to sign up now

Ade-Lee Adebiyi

Hey @George I’m not expert on this subject but love your product. I was under the impression that that 5% of visitor sign up is a pretty good amount. That being said it’s relative to the amount of traffic you’re getting, their relevancy and other factors.

Sumo mentions that the industry average is about 2% when using their service.

It’s pretty obvious that’s what you want users to do when going onto your page. I also like how you’ve mentioned the amount of users that have already signed up as it’s great social proofing.

Seems like signups are your NSM at the moment while you’re in BETA testing. Do you have a particular percentage you’d like to be on?

George Avgenakis

Hey @Ade-Lee Adebiyi really thanks for your message! I am trying to figure out changes in my landing page that could drive in more conversions, thats why I ask. Thanks for the link I will check it!

Ade-Lee Adebiyi

Ahh, that missed me, sorry. I would recommend adding some testimonials and maybe some people.  burst.shopify.com is a good place to find stock photos

https://lemlist.com/ does this brilliantly. It follows the conventional SaaS layout but adds it’s own flair

Again, I’m no expert and please disregard if it doesn’t apply to you but hope it helped none the less

George Avgenakis

❤️ thanks a lot

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