Increase Engagement from Unopened Emails

Increase the number of people reading and engaging with the emails that you send to your subscriber list by specifically targeting those that have failed to open them.

How to do it ⚙️


48 hours or so after sending an email to your subscribers, go into your email marketing software and find all of the subscribers that received the email but didn’t open it. Resend your email with a completely new email subject to just these people – this gives you a chance at increasing the number of opens of your campaign without looking like you’re spamming subscribers’ inboxes with the same email.

I tested this out recently with my email subscriber list and found it to yield an increase of 35.41% for the total number of opened emails, and an increase of 39.66% in click-through rate. That's huge when you put it into absolute numbers.

➡️ Here's the stats breakdown:

👁  Original Email Open Rate: 22.9%
☝️ Original Email Click Rate: 5.9%

👁  Unopened Segment Open Rate: 10.8%
☝️ Unopened Segment Click Rate: 3.1%

👁  Total Open Rate: 31.01% (35.41% increase)
☝️ Total Click Rate: 8.24% (39.66% increase)