Turn 404 pages into landing pages


When someone clicks on your website from a referral link or a Google search, they expect to land on a specific page. But if this page isn’t available, they'll land on a useless 404 error page.

These pages can easily become one of the most frequently visited places on your site but most of the visitors will bounce. So instead of displaying a classic 'oops' page, use it to prompt your visitors with something of value and a call to action.

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How to Use a 404 Page to Hook Visitors and Capture Leads

In this article, we’re going to explore how you can turn your dead-end 404 page into a lead generation opportunity. Or, in other words: ‘when the life gives you lemons…turn that lost traffic into lemonade.’

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EmailCenter 404 page
Kiss.com 404 page
FlippingBook 404 page
SwapBox 404 page

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