Steal Competitors Customers


In a crowded market where many companies offer similar products and services, capitalizing on your competitors’ shortcomings can help you find customers who are eager for a better experience.

There is many ways to find your competitors users. You can for example search for websites using specific code snippets, or for users who left a complaint about a competitor's product on social media and review sites.

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How to steal your SaaS competitors’ users in 2019


Winning at SaaS take persistence and hard work, but by being a bit sneaky and acquiring your competitors users you can get a bit of a head start.

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5 Places to Find and Poach Your Competitors' Customers

Art of Emails

Sapph shares many smart ways to find leads and pitch them.

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Search engine for source code


🔥 Examples

HelpCrunch email to steal competitors users
ChemiCloud stealing FatCow users

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