Long-tail Keyword Landing Pages


Long-tail keywords are keyword phrases typically made up of three or more words. They are the least competitive keyword phrases to rank for and hence great to drive organic traffic to your website.

Long-tail keyword-optimized landing pages can be autogenerated by aggregating keywords.

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SaaS SEO Strategy Zapier Used to Reach $35M ARR

Ryan Berg

In this case study, we’ll step outside the usual content marketing tactics most SaaS companies use. And look at how Zapier leverages SEO to drive millions of high intent searchers to their product every month.

10 min

Scaling out our SEO efforts by creating +100 landing pages by hand


How we’re structuring our scale-out SEO efforts by manually creating +100 long-tail keyword landing pages by hand.

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How Nomad List dominates longer tail keywords

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Once you aggregate all combinations of filters together, we’re talking several thousand indexed pages hoovering up organic traffic from long tail keyword phrases.

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Zapier's Long-tail Keyword Landing Pages
NomadList's Long-tail Keyword Landing Pages

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