Build a Chrome Extension


Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers with over 60% of internet users selecting it as their browser of choice. And for just a $5 one-time fee, you can publish an extension on the Chrome Web Store, which is the native app marketplace.

When a user adds your web application to chrome, he will constantly see a link to your service in the browser's bookmarks bar, leading to a greater chance to return.

Having a chrome extension will also increase your chances to be found by new user, as it will be available in Chrome's marketplace. 

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Chrome Extension Development can be the best investment for your SaaS product


Here is a clear look at the advantages of chrome extension.

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How to develop a chrome extension in 2018


If you’re thinking about building your own Chrome extension, we provide you with helpful resources and tips in this article.

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Chrome Extension - Unbounce
Chrome Extension - Asana
Chrome Extension - Evernote

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