Send friend requests to specific Facebook groups members

Learn how to :​

🤖 Scrap the profile URL of specific groups members

👤 Automatically send friend requests to these members

Which steps to follow?  ⚙️

1️⃣  Download the extensions

👉 Download these 2 extensions

👉 Unzip the 2 folders

2️⃣  Add the extensions to Google Chrome

👉 Copy/paste chrome://extensions/iinto your address bar 

👉 Click on the “developer mode” toggle in the upper-right corner











👉 Click on “Load Unpacked” and go find the folder where you extracted that ZIP file

👉 Barring any errors, that should drop the extension directly into Chrome.


3️⃣  Add the extensions to Google Chrome

👉 Find a Facebook group with an audience similar to yours

👉 Go to the "Members" tab and click on the FbGroup 1.0 extensions icon      in your chrome bar