How we’ve increased our store rating to 4.9🌟

App stores rating


At Shine, even though our product was getting better every day, our rating was getting lower.
One disappointed user can hurt you more than ten happy users.

As a growth member of the Shine team, one of my challenge is to get the rating we deserve.


Why ? Because one of Shine’s features is to provide a bank account. We want our users to trust us more than any archaic bank. So we need to be 10 times better than them.
A way to increase our users trust is to have a good app store rating.



To get close to the 5 stars ratings, you need to place some β€œfirewalls”: a way to select and keep only the good ratings.
Asking our users to rate our application directly in the first screen would be too aggressive.
A more important point than collecting 5 stars from our users is to collect their feedback especially from the disappointed ones.

To tackle this problem, we’ve made 2 funnels:
- The Love Funnel ❀️
- The Disappointed Funnel ️️☹️

If the users select "I love Shine", they enter the love funnel, asking them to spread the word by rating Shine on the stores.


But it is also super important for us to collect data from our users, especially the disappointed ones.


The problem: bad reviews are almost always unconstructive.


  1. People lash out when they have an issue, they are biased by their anger and most of the time the text is : β€œSucks. 1 Star”. They rarely give context or explain what went wrong.

  2. People submit reviews with random pseudonyms, so we can’t investigate what went wrong with them. When we reply to their comment, they rarely follow up.

  3. We also close a lot of fraudsters accounts. Some of them try to troll us with bad reviews on FB or app stores. Again not constructive.


In a nutshell, star-based reviews are often the wrong medium to collect feedback about what went wrong, and we want to collect constructive criticism.


In the Disappointed Funnel, the goal is not to get 5 stars from our users anymore as you might have guessed but to collect their constructive feedback. Similarly to the Love Funnel, we ask for users’ feedback through a simple CTA button, which opens a short typeform inside the app.


One more thing.


Now that we have our beautiful flow, we need to display it to our users. Just like most apps, we ask our users if they like the app using push or home notifications and intercom conversations.


But we are asking our users’ review during their β€œhappiness moments” within the application.
We made a list of those moments and every time they occur, we ask the user to rate the app using notifications.


It could be when:

  • the user is receiving money

  • his/her bank account is validated

  • he/she made a first invoice

  • he/she was helped by someone from the support team (through the Intercom conversation)


This last trigger is a very efficient one. At Shine, the Customer care is sacred: we take care of our users and keep track of every single conversation we have with them. This means our Customer success team tags every single conversation.
Every time a conversation is tagged as β€œPositive_Feedback”, we automatically send a message to our users, asking them to rate us.


App Store

The results on iOS were really quick, especially thanks to the Apple’s Rating prompt within the application.
The first 2 weeks, our average rating increased from 4.3 to 4.8 🌟.
Over the last 6 weeks, we went from 50 ratings to 600.

Google Play Store

The ratings improvement on Android is slower; mostly because Android users need to go to the store to rate the application. 

We went from 4.2 to 4.7 🌟 and it’s still increasing.

Weβ€˜ve also greatly expanded our numbers of votes, from 50 to 516.




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Arnaud Babol

Growth Engineer

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