How Dreem Generated 120 000 Leads With a Side Product

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Dreem is a sleep device that monitors, analyzes, and claims to enhance quality of sleep.

At the beginning of 2017, we decided to capitalize on the expertise we have developed on sleep. So we created mysleepprofile, a site that allows everyone to assess their sleep and receive personalized advice after answering 15 questions and leaving their email. Following the 15 answers to the questions, the user is associated with one of the established sleeping patterns (Insomniac, Good sleeper, Sleeping sickness,...). He then enters an email funnel and receives personalized content based on his pattern.


It is a project that mobilized 3 people from the team: one of the co-founders, one person from the product, a back-end. The website was created in ⅔ months thanks to an incredible work of the team and our dev backend.

Once the test was created, we took it up again on the growth side to set up the patterns, the e-mail funnel, the optimization of the campaigns to reach such a low cost per e-mail that Facebook called us to ask us how we had done it.


This experiment was launched at the beginning of 2017 and in one year we had collected more than 120,000 emails (75% in France and 25% in the United States).




A solution that acts on your brain to enhance sleep.


Sacha Azoulay

Lead Growth

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