Acquire New Contacts And Increase Your Brand Awareness With Email-Based Courses​

An email course is simply a series of emails sent out over a period of time that teach on a specific topic. Each email contains one lesson and all those emails/lessons together create your course. It’s basically a stripped down online course without all the shiny bells and whistles of online course creating platforms. It’s still a channel to teach on your topic and grow your audience, and it’s actually much easier to create and send out the door.

🤷‍♂️ Why You Should Create Email-Based Courses 

1️⃣ You can convert first-time visitors into email subscribers. Here’s a startling statistic you should know about: 9 out of every 10 people who visit your site won’t be back. Grab some of those people with a useful email course.

2️⃣ You receive something in return. Email courses are a win-win. Your new subscriber gets access to content they care about, and you get your new subscriber’s express permission to advertise to them.

3️⃣ They help you teach your audience to open your emails. This is a huge benefit that not too many people realize. When you deliver valuable lessons in the form of an email course directly to their inbox, your subscribers will associate your emails with must-read content. This will help you later as you send out promotional emails.

4️⃣ You’ll establish yourself as an expert with your audience. Creating an email course conveys the idea that you know enough about this topic to teach it. Your audience will view you as an authority on the topic.

⚙️ How To Create Email-Based Courses 

👉 Choose the right topic

The best way to find the right topic to teach is to look at what your audience is interested in. You can use your analytics to find your top performing blog posts and search queries, or look at your social media's comments and interactions.

👉 Structure your email course

You have to choose a sending pace : do you send your emails daily or weekly ? Does the course lasts 10 days or 2 months ? 

Most email courses are sent over a period of one to two weeks. While most posts I read recommended five emails, two of my favorite email courses have seven emails. 

👉 Create the content 

If you already have content, reuse it to help create your email course. Use the blog posts that have performed well, focus on this information in your email course.

👉 Automate your workflow

An email course hinges on automation. When a new reader opt-in and ask for your course, he want to have it instantly.

To make a positive experience for your new leads, you’ve got to set up your autoresponders. You can do this with programs like Aweber ($19/month), ConvertKit ($50/month), Mailchimp (starts free, then $30/month after 2K subscribers) or Drip ($49/month). 


🔥 Few Exemples Of Email Courses​ 

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