Create Pre-Written Emails for Leads to Send to Their Boss 🤑​


A pre-written email is used to help your leads convince their boss to buy something.


Often times the person you are marketing to is a part of a much wider team, and their specific role within a company must be considered when creating content for your lead nurturing campaigns.


Once your lead has been convinced about the value of your product, take the next step and make it easy for them to convince their decision makers of the potential upside as well.

How it works ? 🤔


The marketing company Unbounce understands that marketers that want to go to their annual Call To Action Conference usually need to get the approval of management.


Since their landing pages, website, and other promotional materials are all aimed at convincing the marketer, they still need to consider how they will convince the marketers boss.

In the middle of their conference landing page, there is a pre-written email designed for marketers to send to their boss to convince them to let them go.




















This is what the letter says:










Email Breakdown

👉 Introduce your product and provide a time frame. Make it clear when your user should act by and provide a link to find out more.
👉 State the benefits of the product. Use bullet points to reinforce your main value proposition, ROI, and key takeaways.
👉 Explain how the employee will benefit and how that will positively impact the company.

Key Takeaway

When nurturing leads, it's important to understand who your leads are and the unique challenges they face inside of their companies. Once you’ve sold them on your product or service, give them the ammunition they need to sell it to the rest of their team.


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