December 11, 2018  -  SEO

What URL punctuation is best for SEO, hyphens (-) or underscores (_) ?

Greg B

For SEO, is it better to use "-" or "_" in your URLs ? And if it's "-" and we used "_" is it wise to change now ?

Antoine Milkoff - GrowthList

According to Google, URLs with hyphens (-) are preferred over those that use underscores (_).
But overall, one does not adversely rank better than the other. Wikipedia for instance uses underscores on all of their pages.

Lindsay McGuire

I'd say for ease of use, - is better than _


I'll vote for - too

Greg B

So if i changed all our urls from underscore _ to dash - what would that do with our rankings in the short term, if anything?

Lindsay McGuire

I wouldn't change links if you already have them built and published. If you already have a ton of content using _, just continue the trend.

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