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Lower Your CPC With Bing

When you think of popular remarketing channels, remarketing in Bing probably isn’t the first option to come to mind. Most digital advertisers rely on platforms like Google Ads or AdRoll for their remarketing campaigns. However, when the root goal of all remarketing campaigns is to improve the ROAS of your original advertising efforts. So the platform you choose should be based on the numbers, not popularity.


Truth is that Bing’s platform has most of the features that search marketers look for in remarketing platforms. And Bing has been continuously working to make its Universal Event Tracking (UET) even more intuitive and easier to use. This is all for the sake of making your remarketing campaigns easier to set up and more functional/successful in the long run.


In this post, we’ll cover the basics of Bing remarketing, plus five reasons why you should consider it in your next campaign.


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