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How to acquire your competitors' users ?


Hey guys, great to be here. Question to growth hackers: if you have 10.000 twitter profiles from the customers of your competitor. What options one has to get in front of their eyeballs?


Hmm, I would say - follow them and interact with them (like their tweets).

You could also extract the profiles that interacted with your competitors account and just attack these


Thanks ! Ok, a bit of background: I compiled a list of twitter handles that upvoted language learning products on Product Hunt. I then filtered for those who upvoted multiple ones, believing they are really interested in this kind of stuff. I'm just asking myself what would be the best to get their attention to my own Product Hunt campaign to make sure to hit top5. I tried "liking" and "following" but it seems this process takes ages. I thought to be smart and used phantombuster to do so but twitter blocked me after 40 follows _insert-facepalm-gif_. So I was wondering if there is a way to show ads to those people (willing to allocate a budget) or any other tricks?


Following and liking is slow but can be worth it. Do you know of any related subreddits? You could get some traction from Reddit.


Hi @Jack thanks, yeah there are few subreddits. But I haven't really understood reddit yet and how to engage with the community there in a meaningful way without rotting with zero upvotes on the bottom or being marked as "spam". Have you had success on reddit building up a community for product/brand?

Also with twitter handles I thought it would be beneficial to be able to target users with ProductHunt account, which might not be the case on reddit. Not that I haven't found ways to grow/engange audience. Thought that maybe somebody knows some cool twitter hacks. There used to be hacks to find linkedin profiles to twitter usernames, then get their connection and eventually download their email. But linkedin closed this door recently..


Reddit is a must. Campaigns and ideas really snowball there. If you have a solid product and get a little momentum it can go a long way.

A couple of things to a successful post.
• Your posting account should have some history (and at least 10> karma) if possible.
• Create a few other accounts to help bootstrap the post with upvotes and leave a few comments. Those accounts should go through the subreddit to find the post, Reddit has a algorithm that detects boosting if you upvote by just going to your main profile to find the post. If you have a VPN use that with each account or you could use a private tab with TOR provided by Brave browser.
• Make sure to respond to your bootstrap accounts and other organic comments ASAP to help keep the conversation going.


Some really great stuff in this thread! Totally agree with reddit as an under utilized resource. I would also add that Medium can also be an option, since it utilizes Twitter profiles (although it'd all be manual engagement since they don't have much of an ad platform). If the manual work is holding you back, I'd also suggest using a VA to help out, it was very useful for me in previous social campaigns where we just needed to like/follow.


Thanks @Jack, such a valuable feedback. I have a few years old account with 29 karma (but almost no activity). We have few students working for us, will see how we can coordinate and try to push some ideas 👍

@Jenchin how do you make your Medium posts visible and get traction? We have a student who is great in writing and could generate content. Haven't used Medium yet because I thought nobody will organically find you (unless you have already built up a followership). Any tips?


Post the Medium article on Twitter, Reddit and maybe even Hackernews!


@Silver If you don't have a lot of followers, I would definitely do some research on popular publications in your industry. @ashley just got Unbounce published in The Startup - Medium's largest publication for makers.  https://medium.com/swlh/its-time-to-retest-your-page-speed-google-s-latest-update-4d8abfc14972 🙌

Another tip is that you can 👍 a story up to 50x - but publicly, people can see how many people have clapped a story, although they can't see how many times each person 👍 'd


Good point @Jenchin on the 50 claps. We get our team to clap and it's easy to get into 600-1k range on claps which will draw more attention to the post.

Also make sure you are tagging the post with the most popular tags, you can add up to 5. You can search keywords here: https://mediumtags.com/ and find the most widely used which are similar to your keyword.

I also enjoy this post on styling Medium posts. Some very unique ideas: https://medium.com/sleighdogs-stories/5-medium-hacks-tips-tricks-b439d5ef65bb

Sarah Grosz

@Silver have you tried FindThatLead to get email addresses from your list of twitter profiles?

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