OUTPUT: A list of names and Twitter handles of the Upvoters for any given Product Hunt Product


WHY would you want to get the list of the upvoters for a certain product?

Those upvoters are early adopters, tech-savvy people who are interested in this kind of products you are looking at. If you are starting a new business or launching a new product in the same field, you might want to get in contact with those people, even if you don’t intend to launch on Product Hunt.


WHAT can you do with the list of upvoters?

  • Ask them for feedback for your product

  • Connect with them on Twitter

  • Use their Twitter-handles with APIs as input for further hacks (Phantombuster etc)



Kind of obvious: I don’t endorse any black hat tactics. Be kind. Use responsibly. Nobody likes spam.


You have good intentions? Great, let’s go...


1. Create a ProductHunt account (if you don’t have one yet)

Note that you can also log in with Twitter ;-)


2. Add an app for Product Hunt

Go to and click on “Add an application”

3. Fill the form

Name: myapp (or anything else you like)

Redirect URL:


Note: this is not my app, all the kudos to Ryan Kulp.


4. Create the developer token

Click on “Create Token”

5. Take the token

You should by now see something like this:

No, your eyes are not tired, I blurred out my data ;-)


6. Run the heroku app

Now go to and copy&paste the Dev token we just created AND the product you would like to crawl. You can just browse to the product on Product Hunt and take the URL from address bar. Make sure the URL looks something like this:

7. Celebrate 🎉

You should be seeing now something like this:

Why is the list here smaller than the total number of upvotes? Well, not everybody might have connected their Twitter account.

8. Prepare for processing

Now, depending on what you intend to do you might want to have the list in a Google Sheet with the URLs as plaintext.


  1. First copy&paste the list to a Google Sheet document

  2. Then apply a formula to get the URLs as plaintext. This is optional but if you want to feed the list to an API you might want to do that.


The formula and the result look like that:


Bonus thoughts

You can scrape a few products from your field of interest, then join the lists and highlight those accounts that are now multiple times in your list. Those are the potential power users for your product/service and might be your perfect early adopters!


I’m curious to hear how you use this hack to grow your business. Let me know!


Be kind.

Use responsibly!


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